Vic Fuentes Net Worth , Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Vic Fuentes Net Worth , Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

He is the founder and drummer of the post-hardcore band, Pierce the Veil along with his brother, Vic Fuentes. He belongs to the White American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. His father, Vivian Fuentes was a former Jazz musician who later worked as a painter whereas his mother Victor Gamboa is a housewife. His parents were middle-class American-Mexicans. Fuentes was raised along with his brother, Vic Fuentes in San Diego. He also has two half-brothers and a half-sister. He attended the Misson Bay High School and completed his graduation in

Vic Fuentes

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Vic Fuentes in Victor Vincent “Vic” Fuentes (born February 10, ) is the lead singer, He is currently in a relationship and has been since , with Danielle Victoria Perry, a model, who was part of the music video for Pierce The Veil’s single, King For a Day.

Their fourth studio album, Misadventures, debuted at the 4th position on the Billboard Top and sold around 50, copies in the first week itself. At that very moment, he realized that he wanted to become a musician. The name of the band came to his mind during a sociology class at San Diego State University. The professor was lecturing about piercing the veil, which meant going to the root of the problem and taking care of it.

He and his brother Mike learned to play guitar from their father. Vic pointed out that they had released a similar cover, hinting that they had copied his band. To resolve the controversy, they decided to ultimately credit artwork created for Collide with the Sky to Danger. He has revealed that A Match Into Water single in the studio album, Collide with the Sky, was written for his former girlfriend, who was suffering from breast cancer.

While growing up, Vic was often prone to self-harming, which was a release for his anger. But then, he realized that his younger brother would also follow him down to the same path, so instead, he started channelizing his anger into music.

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The brothers continued to write songs together and eventually came up with enough material for a new full-length album. The brothers released the album A Flair for the Dramatic on June 26, under a new name: Pierce the Veil toured vigorously for about 3 months after the release of A Flair for the Dramatic. In November , Pierce the Veil performed one date on the Vans Warped Tour , and were on the entire tour in

May 18,  · Pierce the Veil 17th May Vic is seriously one of the greatest people in the world.

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Vic Fuentes

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Vic Fuentes was bornon February 10, in American, is ROCK SINGER. Victor Vincent Fuentes is a marvelous guitar player and a lead vocalist of the rock group “Pierce the Veil.” The young man can be also responsible for the keyboard part.

It is known that his father worked as a musician and at present he works as a painter. Vanessa Mathison Vic also has 4 siblings out of which three are his step brothers and step sisters. He got a degree in graphic design from the university. His childhood was spend in California with his parents. Vic started his career at an age of 15 and he did several music shows.

One of the famous song includes King for a Day. His band had to be renamed because of copyright violation and the new name of the band was Before Today. Vic was a part of the band for two years before the band decided to split because of non-cooperation of members. Later in , he recorded another song with Pierce the Veil and the songs became really popular. Vic recorded another two albums with the band and the name of the albums were Collide with the Sky and Selfish Machines.

The band did several such tours and participated in several musical festivals. It is known that he also worked with Cinematic Sunrise. It is also known that Vic was also involved in song writing as this was also one of his passion. One of the most popular song he wrote was Bulls in the Bronx and the song was added in Collide with the Sky.

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Vic Fuentes Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Dating, Interview and Net Worth Published On: 08 Nov, Victor Vincent Fuentes is an American singer who performs as a lead singer and rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil.

They grew a little cult following, mostly of surfers and skaters. They broke up, and the Fuentes brothers started Pierce the Veil. What happened was [Pierce the Veil] started building a fan base in San Diego and [Equal Vision] flew out to see a hometown show. We got signed that night. From that point, life turned upside-down. In September , the group finished their third U.

Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes Talks About Songs He Writes for Fans

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Fuentes and Victor Gamboa Fuentes, a former Mexican jazz musician who now works as a painter. They played together in a band called 3 Simple Words while attending high school. In he formed a band called Early Times with his younger brother Mike. The group changed their name to “Before Today”. After signing a recording contract with Equal Vision Records the band released their only album, A Celebration of an Ending, in before breaking up two years later.

He doesn’t have a concept for writing his songs but gains inspiration from familiar situations, personal experiences in relationships, touring and friends.

Jan 31,  · Vic Fuentes, lead singer of Pierce The Veil talks to Keep A Breast while on the No Guts No Glory Tour and shares his personal experience with breast cancer when a .

Pierce the Veil did the opposite, with a grassroots mentality, plus a staying-true-to-your-musical-roots mantra — and it yielded huge results. So how did a band that never thought it would get radio play find such success in just 10 years? From the start, Pierce the Veil has made it a high priority to take their fan interaction to a deeper level. The members claim to have made lifelong friends from meet-and-greets, and many of their songs result from actually listening to, well, their listeners.

The band is known for dedicating songs to fans, and writing lyrics about the challenges from these individual stories. Released this past May, their fourth album Misadventures debuted at number one on Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative and Independent charts, and in the top 20 across Billboard, the U. And the band is touring yet again, supporting the span of their four albums and a new, highly anticipated visual production concept.

I heard that you guys are surprised with the breakthrough in radio for Misadventures — but you guys have been on the charts and garnering millions of YouTube plays for quite some time now. Plus, our record label combined forces with Concord, a bigger label with a radio team. Considering this album took longer to put out than any of the others, do you feel like writing the vocals for this album was a struggle?

It can never really go the same. We ended up spending so much time on the music that by the time I got to do the vocals, we had already been in the studio four or five months working on the music. So I did the exact opposite of what I was doing: I went traveling and saw different places and we even went on tour for a bit to get out of the studio to get stories and inspiration for the songs.

Vic Fuentes and him girlfriend Danielle on We Heart It

Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil explains in depth what each song on their new record, Misadventures means and the message behind the lyrics. We felt that it had no other place on the record other than at the very beginning, because it was a good example of who we are. Being on tour or even just being in the music industry can bring a lot of frustrations.

Vic Fuentes (vocals/guitar), Tony Perry (guitar), Jaime Preciado (bass) and Mike Fuentes (drums) realize it’s good to be so wanted and with the new album finally on the schedule, they’ve.

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