Treadle and Vintage Singer Models

Treadle and Vintage Singer Models

Tuesday, July 19, How to Oil Your Sewing Machine Using the Featherweight as an Example Oiling your machine can seem intimidating for the mechanically-challenged, but like most things I’ll cover here, it becomes quick and easy the more you do it. And you should do it, so that your machine will last and last. It’s also important not to overdo it, which I’ll cover below. See that machine up above? It’s a model , the first Featherweight I ever fixed up, which I gave to a friend for her birthday. It runs like a top and I plan for it to continue doing so through regular oiling. These guidelines can be applied to any machine, but I’m using a here because someone specifically requested a oiling demo. Why to Oil In a lot of public buildings you’ll see marble steps that have had a dip worn into their centers. Obviously marble is quite hard and unyielding, but when twenty million pairs of Nikes traipse up and down them, it eventually starts to wear away.

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Find sewing machine model number from serial number Search Knowledgbase GO Find sewing machine model number from serial number We often are asked for sewing machine parts to fit a Singer F There is no reference charts available to tell us the exact model number from it’s serial number. However hopefully this page will help identify your sewing machine model number in conjunction with the other details we have available relating to sewing machine serial numbers..!

How to Identify an old machine without a serial number..? If your sewing machine does not have a model number, but has a serial number similar in location to the image above, use the images below to help identify the sewing machine model number. Originally it may have been hand operated.

Vintage s Singer 99K Sewing Machine Manual / Instruction Booklet Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine SLIDE PLATE 66, 99K, , CL, LIGHT BULB Singer dating and cleaning of machines. Buy Singer Dress Form, Blue at $ Was $ You save $ Singer.

And some Singer machines are more saught-after than others! Here’s an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models , and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models. See several photos and read even more here. If your sewing machine looks a lot like these machines but has an off brand name, chances are you have a generic or clone machine. The overall condition of your machine is one of the biggest factors in estimating a value.

Be sure to also look closely at the condition of the case or cabinet, including if it is still original to the machine and if it has been refinished or restored. No chips, scratches or dents, no wear or tear, no rust or dust, in top notch running order. Complete with no parts missing. May be missing some accessories or manual.

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The bobbin winder tire depicted there looks nothing like what is and was on my machine. Apparently these did not originally use “standard” shaped tires at all! So my use of the word “original” can only be construed to mean what was on the machine when I received it – not necessarily the kind that was “originally” supplied. Lite Bulb The machine came with, as noted above, a burned out lite bulb.

The replacement face plate I obtained, had an identical bulb that was actually good. Apparently, these bulbs are not the correct type, but do fit albeit barely.

Oct 17,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: How to determine the age of an old Singer treadle sewing machine.? Where do I find the serial number, model number, or anything that would help determine the age of an old Singer treadle : Resolved.

Would appreciate you letting me know its DOB. Singer was no help at all. I have written to them from ISMACS requesting this dating information and, if it comes they’re a funny lot at Singer nowadays it will be interesting to see if there is any info on the K models. When they reached EA , they went onto EB 1. I,O,U and W were not used with the E prefix. Previous to ’35 they used a single letter but not in alphabetical order — or anything like it.

Sorry I could not be of more help Date: Like Suzy I am rather suspicious about the Singer number dates and also about the 25, daily production — that’s over 7 million a year. I have a lot of Singer records from the Scotish factory and much of it is contradictory. According to Singer UK it is not possible to date machines to the day until after when a code was used within the serial number.

It could well be that batches of numbers were allocated to various factories on a given day and this is the birthday we get and used until exhausted when a new batch would be allocated. I have asked Singer USA to explain its system of dating machines but so far it has failed to respond to my letters.

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Alex Gronlund is an American singer and YouTuber. Since the beginning, she has been posting various covers on her YouTube channel. Talking about her nationality, she is American and her ethnicity is unknown. As a child, she developed her interest towards singing and also began to learn to sing from the very early age. After studying there for almost two years, she chose to pursue her career in music and left the college. Since then, she has been posting various songs covers on her channel.

Up for auction is this Singer Feather weight sewing machine. It is a 99K serial number K, volts, Cat no. BZK , amps, &DC, Made in Great Britain.

While the threading diagram is not printed on the machine like some Singers, if you have ever threaded any Singer, this model contains no surprises. A bobbin case is used and takes some getting use to especially if one has fat fingers , but once you have the hang of removing and installing it, it becomes easier. For darning or embroidering the feed is rendered inoperative by turning the big black screw seen left of the bobbin case – unsophisticated but effective.

The machine is in near perfect condition but the cabinet has marks on top from someone placing wet objects on it. Our machine sews nicely both forward and in reverse and the stitches look pretty much the same in either direction. We also place a strip of tape on the bed as a guide.

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The decals are beautiful. In fact, it is too nice for Jim to use as he is afraid he will put a scratch on it. Compare the model above to the one below and notice differences in decals, chrome wheel and light. Click here for a larger image of our beautiful Singer This is the first machine with an oscillating “bullet-shape” shuttle and long bobbin that we have actually tried to use. Since the machine is in such good condition and also attractive for the era, we wanted to keep it on display but also get some use out of it.

For as many years as I’ve been creating bears (over 10,) I’ve been collecting Singer Featherweight sewing machines. The very first time I tried one of these amazing machines was the .

If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. Just a couple of years later it went on sale in the U. Model 12K The New Family was later renamed the Singer Model 12 12K in the UK and remained in production for almost 40 years, until just past the turn of the 20th century.

The characteristic shape of the bed on the early models resulted in them being referred to as Singer fiddle base machines. The New Family was the first high volume mass produced sewing machine. Despite its high cost, its attractive and reliable design meant that it sold in huge volumes and established Singer as the market leading sewing machine manufacturer for next century. As soon as the original patents expired, the New Family design was widely copied by other manufacturers.

The New Family Model 12 machines had a transverse boat shaped shuttle and used round shank straight needles which were designated as Class 12×1. Model 12K – Underbed Over their long production run there were several minor modifications made to the machine.

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Well, for a start, you might find it easier, cheaper, and less frustrating in the long run. Or you might be a sucker for a shiny black coat with gold twiddles on, or you may just like the idea of not throwing the old away just because the new exists.. Or you may like tinkering I have used old machines all my life, and my regular machines – Singer Class 15 treadle, Bernina , and Elna Lotuses more than one

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The VS models 27 and 28 continued to be produced well into the 20th century, even after they were superceeded by the and class VS models. These occilating hook models, particularly the smaller 99, remained popular until the s. V designated between Jan-June 15K26 Ser. Some domestic models introduced in the s such as the class , had their serial number stamped under the bed of the machine rather than next to the pillar.

In the late s Singer started putting the model number on the machine, making the identification process much simpler. Early s K Pictured right is a model 15K88, this model is distictive from other 15 class machines because the bobbin tongue points to 11 rather than 1 o’clock and threads right to left like the class which was developed in developed the early s by the design team at the Wittenberge factory in Prussia Germany and was in production by as the 15D The cabinet style or how a machine is powered has no bearing on the model of a machine, so serial or model numbers on cabinets or motors should not be mistaken for those of the machine.

Identifying other machines This can be harder than you might imagine, many machines sold by retailers were “badged” with the store’s branding, in Australia Bebarfald labelled most of their machines “Blue-Bird” even though they were made by a number of manufacturers in Europe and America, as did Marcus Clark with “New Century” and Pinnock under their own name. In the s Japanese manufacturers started making an improved copy of the Singer 15 class and innovating on that design, and these machines were also badged under retailers house branding.

No matter how much Singer may have dominated the market between and , they had plenty of competition from the many other smaller manufacturers around the planet, and though they may not have had the market share the machines they produced were often of superior quality and more innovative in design.

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Dating a vintage sewing machine can be quite easy or significantly more difficult, depending upon the sewing machine and style, use the list below to check its age from its serial number if the serial number does not include letters.

Remove the hand wheel. Before you install the hand crank, you have to replace or alter your original hand wheel to get a hand wheel that will fit the hand crank. Replace the original hand wheel with a spoked hand wheel But before we do that, we have to pause for a moment to discuss how the 99, the and the Spartan differ in the relationship between a spoked wheel and the bobbin winder.

The Spartan The bobbin winder on the Spartan is a simple design. It moves on a pivot point and does not latch into place. You rotate it up into position until it comes into contact with the hand wheel. It plays nicely with BOTH the spoked hand wheel and the notched hand wheel discussed below. The With the , you have to remove the hand wheel cover and bobbin winder in order to used a spoked hand wheel. Remove the two screws on either side of the hand wheel shaft and it comes right off.

There is no real reason to remove it, but at the same time there is no real reason to leave it on here either.

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The population density was 3, The racial makeup of Sebastopol was 6, Hispanic or Latino of any race were persons The Census reported that

All Beige Singer Sewing Machine The beige Singer above was given to jim by Elizabeth’s mother who found the machine in New York. It was a great gift .

The Undercarriage The underside of the machine is where all the secondary cranks and pistons hide out. This is accessed by unscrewing any securing-bolts or nuts, and lifting the whole machine UP and BACK on a pair of hinges. This is where you would traditionally store things like spare needles, manuals, bobbins, scissors, etc.

Small fiddly things that you might need. You need to clean in here to ensure that the bobbin-case and the oscilating hook or other stitch-making apparatus works properly. Handwheel Assembly The handwheel assembly and clutch-wheel is the part of the machine right at the back, on your right. This is comprised of… — The handwheel big wheel. Also called a stop-motion wheel.

Singer Sewing Machine Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Needles Repairing the Most Valuable Antique Sewing Machines Some antique sewing machines are more desirable and more valuable than others. Sewing machines that were made prior to usually have a higher value The following types of antique sewing machines are the ones that typically have the most value to collectors and antique dealers: Hand-held style sewing machines Clamp on style sewing machines New England style sewing machines Paw foot style sewing machines Singer Model 1 sewing machines Singer Model 2 sewing machines Singer Turtleback sewing machines Singer Letter A sewing machines Singer Featherweight and sewing machines If you are interested in collecting antique sewing machines for the purpose of repairing and trying to resell them, these are the types of sewing machines you should look for.

An old sewing machine from any maker with a serial number of or less will have more value, especially those from obscure manufacturers. Sewing machines with serial numbers above 50, would be considered later models had basically common.

-Singer Model 99 & 99K Instruction Manual-Singer Model Instruction Manual-Singer Model Instruction Manual Singer Model Parts. Sort by. Grid View List View. This collection contains parts for Singer model Singer Bobbin Tire Friction Wheel 29 mm x 15 mm x 7 mm.

Saturday, March 3, Singer W Betsy came over and we took some photos of machines we need to list on eBay. I decided to try to get it stitching. As I recall, I bought this machine last year and then passed it along to Betsy for what I paid for it. It had a terrible thread nest and I felt rather badly that I had not checked to see if the thing went all the way around.

I took it back from her and vowed to work on it and get it stitching. Today seemed like as good a day as any. I got out the tri-flow and the hair dryer and managed to get it freed up. I spent hours cleaning and tri-flowing and blow drying the sucker. It was so gummed up the presser foot bar would “glide” down rather than fall into place. When I finally decided to try to stitch with it, I could not.

The bottom tension is just too tight, even though the thread pulls freely from the bobbin case. I decided that it has to be the hook.

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