Enlarge this image Reporters of the English-laguage newspaper Cambodia Daily watch a video clip featuring Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha at their newsroom in Phnom Penh on September 3, One of Cambodia’s last remaining independent newspapers, the paper announced on Sept. In a statement released Sunday, The Cambodia Daily says “as a result of extra-legal threats by the government,” the paper will stop publication on Monday, Sept. The fine came as a result of an investigation Prime Minister Hun Sen called for into private companies operating in Cambodia. The Daily has been operating legally in the country since its founding in by American journalist, Bernard Krisher. Jodie DeJonge, the editor-in-chief, told NPR that they couldn’t pay the enormous tax bill and that they’d asked for a formal audit, but never received one. Both the paper and the publisher argue that this really has nothing to do with taxes and more to do with Hun Sen trying to curb dissent ahead of the general elections next year. Journalists and media watchers across the region, some of them alums of the paper, reacted to the closing with heartfelt messages.


On Monday, former prisoner Keo Chandara told the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia ECCC — a tribunal created to investigate the atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge — that guards used pliers and acid to torture female detainees incarcerated at the Kraing Tachan security center. According to his testimony, prison guards at the facility would use the pliers to lacerate the inmates before pouring acid into the wounds.

If the detainees passed out due to the excessive pain, the overseers would then use water to revive them. During one particularly gruesome episode, Keo Chandara said the guards hanged one prisoner by a hook through her mouth and then cut out her heart, gall bladder and liver after she was unable to answer questions during an interrogation session.

The Chinese-backed cadres took the extremities of central planning to new heights during their reign over the kingdom from to

Phnom Penh’s most beautiful and striking feature is its long, lush riverside, but in the city center it’s mostly clogged up with wild traffic, “happy pizza” restaurants, and tuk-tuk drivers peddling vices.

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Marine shrimp tiger prawn farming became established in the early s in Koh Kong province and spread rapidly to Sihanoukville and Kampot municipalities. However, shrimp production has dropped from over tonnes in to tonnes in and has since been affected by disease and pollution dropped further and reached a level of less than tonnes. Seabass, grouper and snapper are grown in cages in Kampot and Koh Kong provinces but have also declined since The major constraint is the dependence on wild seed supply.

However, the seaweed production dropped drastically to 6 tonnes in and no production of farmed seaweed has been reported after that.

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Havana, Cuba TravelHardcore December 8, at I can imagine it gets frustrating trying to find a regular girl when prostitution is that widespread. George December 8, at 4: Blacknight December 9, at 6: Reply geowulf December 10, at 5: I even brought a pirate outfit, which i had intended on wearing but just never worked out.

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The new caches will be well inside what China considers its sphere of influence. Army Materiel Command chief Gen. Americans best remember our defeat there 42 years ago, but Vietnam has fought a land war and multiple naval clashes with China. Beijing will not be pleased. Today, such permanent US presence is politically unpalatable, both to the American public and the publics of many otherwise friendly foreign nations. Our bases in Korea and Japan often inspire local resentment.

So American units are mostly US-based and deploy temporarily abroad. Army M2 Bradley armored vehicles being shipped to a stockpile in South Korea. If need be, though, these temporary tours can become practically permanent presence by rotating a new unit in as soon as the previous one leaves, which is the current practice with brigade combat teams in both Korea and Europe. Such back-to-back rotations require heavy logistical support on the ground, but even occasional small deployments go a lot easier with supplies and equipment already in position.

The Army has two categories of such equipment, which have different diplomatic implications. Defense Secretary Carter with his Vietnamese counterpart in Hanoi in By contrast, the Army is building its European stockpiles up to M1 Abrams heavy tanks and hundreds of other armored fighting vehicles.

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If it doesn’t, Hun Sen said, it should “pack up and go. Cambodian Villagers Face Displacement By Mekong Dam A respected English-language newspaper in Cambodia may close because it won’t be able to pay an enormous tax bill the government claims it owes by Sept. The paper, founded in , was given the deadline to come up with the millions the government said it owed from back taxes accrued over the last 10 years.

Hun Sen has publicly called The Daily “a thief” and said last month if it can’t come up with the money, it should “pack up and go. The paper and its deputy publisher, Deborah Krisher-Steele, daughter of the paper’s founder Bernard Krisher, say there’s no justification for the amount the government says is owed and have requested a formal audit.

They and others argue that Hun Sen is trying to stifle dissent ahead of the general elections next year.

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Source Atlantis is the titular location of Atlantis: It was a powerful empire established thousands of years ago that was mostly destroyed in a terrible cataclysm around BC and was rediscovered in in the events of the film. Contents [ show ] History Sometime presumably before , BC, Atlantis was simply another civilization in the world and the Atlanteans were a normal race like any other. One fateful day, a huge comet passed over the Earth. A single piece broke off and fell upon the landmass that was inhabited by the Atlanteans.

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