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Animalgrams Word Puzzles [PDF]

by John Green
Animalgrams Word Puzzles

For Parents & Kids. These games are designed to increase cognitive skills, pattern recognition and spelling skills.

The games are based on different animal names with each name containing 6 letters. You will be given a set of 6 scrambled letters for each game. To win you will have to arrange the scrambled letters into meaningful animal names.

3 letter words
4 letter words
5 letter words
6 letter words

There are 3 levels:

There are 2 WAYS to play this game:

A. For Parents & Children – Increase Spelling Skills

This game is for parents to help children increase their spelling skills.

Guide your child to use the 6 letters to:

Form 3 letter words
Form 4 letter words
Form 5 letter words
Form 6 letter words

You can see how long it takes for your child to finish one game. The whole idea is to help him or her expand their vocabulary & learn spelling skills.

B. Adults can play too. See how many correct words you can find in each set of 6 scrambled letters. Any combined score for all 3 levels over 600 makes you a Super Smart Speller.

Can you accept the challenge?

Have fun, and Good Luck!!!
[PDF] Animalgrams Word Puzzles download

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