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Loki's Laughter [PDF]

by John Opskar
Alaskan, Jari, lived a quiet life with her dog, Gerard.Mistrustful and slightly damaged, her world was comfortable and steady, if a little lonely, until she lost a battle with a moose who mysteriously appeared in the middle of the road as she drove to work.

Then everything changed.

Rescued by a plow driver and state trooper with suspiciously familiar names, Jari was introduced to a world of Norse gods who played ancient and deadly games in a modern world.Enter Holli, Lennie, and their children to help Jari navigate the treacherous boundaries between gods and humans.

Author John Opskar plays with layers of reality to meld the universes of gods, mortals, and ethereal beings into a story of adventure and heroism.Continuing the story of Holli and Lennie from his from his first novel, Odinsson, Opskar creates a fast-paced contemporary fairytale that is both captivating and exhilarating.
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PublisherWord Branch Publishing
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Release date 03.10.2013
Pages count250
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Thank you! Great book!

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