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The Girl Who Wore Too Much [PDF]

by Margaret Read MacDonald
When I think of a successful traditionalfolktale, I think of how the students will relate to the characters and conflict.For example, in Abiyoyo the main characters are 'ostracized' by the townspeople, butthe family of two has redeeming qualities that are illuminated by the presence of the scary giant.The father and son protect the community with the very talents that irritated the townspeople. Maybe Abiyoyo was Americanized in such a way to be pleasant to my American sensibilities. The Girl Who Wore Too Much story line is not as relatable to me.I love the idea of clothing playing a big part in a folktale, like shoes in The Elves and The Shoemaker.There is something so tactile and relatable for young students who might be just beginning to pick out their own clothes.But I am not sure my students living in poverty will connect with the girl who learns she does not need to wear every dress and bangle.It is not that they cannot relate to making a misguided choice, but the story comes off a bit cartoon-like. The author has a great suggestion in her afterward to read the story and put on the clothes and jewelry to make the story come alive.Although I love that idea, perhaps the words should stand on their own to delight the child reader.I do like the Thai writing and and Thai design that frames the pictures.I might use the book to begin a discussion on a comparison of traditional folktales, but I do not think that this book would be one students would ask me to read over and over.Since we only have so many books to read during the course of a year and only so many opportunities to assist in representing other cultures, I might pick a different Thai story.
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