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Echoes of Honor (Honor Harrington, #8) [PDF]

by David Weber
I remembered this book as being the perfect place to end the series.I was wrong, dammit.Too much is left hanging, but the ending is awesome.The basic story is awesome, but Weber's writing is beginning to get on my nerves.

Info dumps - there are too many of them & he's expanding beyond the necessary - an ugly trend - adding in details & back story that I don't much care for.I just don't see where it helps the story beyond padding it.This includes drawn 'plans' for weapons in the front of the book instead of a star map.Please!

Inconsistent rules - People are known by their names & their titles.Why mention 2 people by name & the third by his title?He does similar things with ship & missile accelerations.Why should I have to mentally convert back & forth?It's like telling me two cars are driving down the road, one at 66 mph & the other at 100 Kph in the same sentence.That's about the same speed, but it doesn't help the story to jump from one to another.It's just annoying.

This was a 2 star book because of all the annoyances, but I'm giving it 3 because the basic story is excellent as is the ending.More, I'm going on to the next book, Ashes of Victory
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Thank you! Great book!

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