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Coming About [PDF]

by Jan Tilley
I greatly enjoyed this story and will read the follow-up for sure BUT the editor needs a kick up the arse as it's full of mistakes !! I had really had enough of them and was ready to pack it in a few times but the story itself won out.
For starters the font used in the prologue was different to the actual story and a nicer one as well, though I've no idea why it was altered.
There were too many apostrophe errors, words inserted that weren't needed, spaces in words not required, way used instead of was,commas left out of sentences, there were also words left out of sentences making for tricky reading, too used instead of to, speechmarks were dropped, Charlton Heston doesn't have an E in his christian name, loosing was used instead of losing and waiver instead of waver, Outter not Outer, extremem instead of extreme......a LOT of mistakes throughout which really need sorting out.
I hate it when the expression drug is used......such as "the week drug on". It always sounds like appalling English to me but I've noticed it used a few times by American authors. I wasn't sure about making so much of the book feminine-such as the morning peeking her face in a window or the sun making her final exit for the day. Quite strange. This little passage sounded like it was written as someone might say it with slang inserted-"....but God I was grateful to of had the chance"....ouch !!!
I enjoyed hearing about the Covered Bridges and Googled them and they reminded me of those in Madison County I've only seen on film. The same goes for the Outer Banks' Horses. Very interesting.
I enjoyed the little photography tips at the beginning of each chapter too. I liked Sadie and Rachel although at times Rachel was on the whiny side a bit too much for my liking !! They're both interesting characters and if you can grin and bear the mistakes you'll love it !!
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Thank you! Great book!

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