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Henrietta Who? (Inspector Sloan #2) [PDF]

by Catherine Aird
Mrs. G. E. Jenkins, walking home from bus stop, was run down Tuesday evening by a big heavy car. Her daughter Henrietta Eleanor Leslie from college, 21 soon "in April" p76, identifies her and notes bureau of important papers broken into, but not Boundary Cottage. Larking Inspector Sloane and Sgt Crosby from murder squad take over when pathologist Dr Dabbe reveals body "certainly never had any children and had very probably never been married either" p 26, and was run over twice, coming and going.

Did Grace Edith Wright marry "Cyril Edgar Jenkins" p 70? Three suspects are primary. Bill Thorpe wants to marry his fiancée, whatever her name. Village landlord James Augustus Heber Hibbs and wife from The Manor contributed to girl's college fund secretly. Lawyer Arbican doesn't remember the lady in question. (view spoiler)

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