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The Bobbsey Twins' Search in the Great City (Bobbsey Twins, #9) [PDF]

by Laura Lee Hope
The Bobbsey twins – both sets! – are going on a picnic with their parents at the Meredith estate. They are looking forward to a happy, fun-filled time. Which, it is, only – someone steals their blueberry pie! And while they’re driving home, they see… a cheetah?!?

It turns out that the cheetah is from the small zoo on the Meredith estate. The Bobbseys make friends with the caretaker at the zoo and learn that he has been separated from his brother and sister since he was twelve years old. He’s never been able to track them down, but he thinks that one of them may be living in New York City.

As it happens, the Bobbseys are about to vacation in New York City. They promise to keep an eye out for his siblings – and for the mysterious man which they caught lurking about the Meredith estate.

Will the Bobbseys find the missing people? And when a robbery is committed, can they assist the police in capturing the robber?


I grew up reading the Boxcar Children, pure and simple. Not the Happy Hollisters. Not Nancy Drew. Not the Hardy Boys or the Bobbsey Twins. Just the Boxcar Children. I’m not sure exactly how that happened. I mean, I loved the Boxcar Children to distraction, so I’m not sure how I missed that there were other, similar series in existence…


Anyway, so now I have experienced my first Bobbsey Twins’ mystery. How did I like it? Well, to speak frankly, as a mystery it stunk. As in I’m-not-convinced-that-there-ever-was-a-mystery stunk. So much for the story. But as characters, I liked the Bobbsey twins pretty well.

They are kind, sweet, respectful, and caring. They have meaningful relationships with each other, and have the ability to form cordial relationships with adults. They are quick to apologize and quick to display affection. They are also ridiculously prone to running off chasing supposed suspects (often without a word of warning to their parents), and being generally foolhardy. What actually bothered me the most about this was how their parents responded with absolute nonchalance towards their children’s habitual disappearances. Though kind and affectionate themselves, it struck me as a lack of responsibility.

Conclusion. Innocent and sweet, though entirely unrealistic.

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[PDF] The Bobbsey Twins' Search in the Great City (Bobbsey Twins, #9) download

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