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Out of the Jungle [PDF]

by Paul Ellis
What is the good news that will bring great joy for all people? Most people have no idea. As a result they are joyless and restless. Instead of drawing with joy from the wells of salvation, they are baking bricks in the pits of D.I.Y. religiosity.

The gospel is not the first four books in the New Testament. Nor is it God’s holy law. And it certainly isn’t the exhortation to turn or burn. So what is the gospel?

In this extract from The Gospel in Ten Words, Paul Ellis contrasts the liberating gospel of Jesus with the death-dealing counterfeits of manmade religion.

At a time when many are hearing mixed messages about the love of God, Out of the Jungle is a welcome return to the good news revealed by Jesus and preached by the apostles. When you see the gospel in its undiluted glory, it will set you free. You will discover the secret to walking in divine favor and you will begin to understand why you were born. Best of all, you will come face to face with the One who has called you to the thrilling adventure of living loved.
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Thank you! Great book!

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