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Letter from Freedom and Letter from Money [PDF]

by Roberta Grimes
The first novel is Letter from Freedom. In it, Jack Richardson carries himself as though he owns the world. In reality, he is laying claim to an increasing portion of it. A thirty-six-year-old multibillionaire, he has purchased a tiny island, Atlantica, whose inhabitants enjoy a lifestyle that stands in complete opposition to Western civilization. Liz Lyons needs a job, and she wants to put as much distance between herself and her ex-husband as possible. When Jack offers her a teaching position in Atlantica, she jumps at the opportunity. She is more than willing to live in a primitive society for a few years if it means earning double her previous salary. Liz is immediately drawn to Jack, who appears to return her feelings despite their vast differences in wealth and upbringing. But she also is drawn to the Atlanticans' way of life, which is based on personal autonomy and deep spiritual connectedness. As she becomes more and more involved with Jack and with the Atlantican people, Liz realizes that she will need to make a choice. Will she remain forever in the first place where she has ever truly belonged, or return to civilization with the man she loves?

The second novel is Letter from Money.Although Liz Lyons and Jack Richardson never stopped loving one another, their lives have taken them in different directions. Liz remains in Atlantica, a tiny island far removed from Western civilization, while Jack has returned to New York to look after his business interests. When Jack brings his family to the United States in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, old feelings resurface. They give their marriage another chance. The couple's son, Rex, doesn't adapt well to the move. Having spent the first twenty-three years of his life in a society that doesn't acknowledge even the concept of ownership, he is stunned to find himself the sole heir to a fortune in the tens of billions. He is appalled by the spiritual isolation and lack of personal autonomy at the core of American existence. As Rex learns to cope with his new life, he brings a fresh perspective to Jack's business affairs, and eventually to Jack's whole worldview. With Rex as the driving force, Jack begins to use his wealth to try to revitalize and restore America. Can the spiritual wounds of a bitterly divided nation be healed through the efforts of one family?

The two books are part of the Letters from Love seven-novel saga that tells five fresh and engaging love stories. Spanning almost five hundred years, the series will give you a new appreciation for your own glorious potential.
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