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'The Holy Fox' [PDF]

by Andrew Roberts
This is a very early Andrew Roberts book, originally published in 1991 but now re-issued by my publishers, Head of Zeus.It was a good choice of subject by Roberts because Halifax's reputation deserved some rehabilitation.Roberts's calls for a rethink are heard strongly, but in a balanced, convincing voice: despite his over-arching theme, he not averse to reciting those episodes that still haunt Halifax supporters.
From the evidence of my own researches (for a forthcoming book "No More Champagne - Churchill and His Money" -out in August 2015, UK; November 2015, USA) I believe he is right to put the decisive meetings that led to Churchill assuming the premiership on the afternoon of Thursday 9 May 1940, not on the morning of Friday 10 May - as Churchill asserted in "The Second World War~".And her is right to question whether, when Chamberlain met jointly with Halifax and Churchill, there ever was the legendary silence that Churchill allegedly kept until Halifax broke the ice.However, Lord Camrose's papers suggest that each of Halifax and Churchill had individual sessions with Chamberlain on the Thursday afternoon and that their joint meeting, with Margesson present, did not take place until the Friday morning, when there may have been a pause before Halifax rather than Churchill decided to give voice to the decision essentially reached (but not definitively) reached on the previous evening.I base this on the papers of Lord Camrose, owner of the Daily telegraph and a close confidant of Chamberlain at the time. He records visiting Chamberlain at 6 pm on the Thursday evening, just after the PM's separate meetings with Halifax and Churchill.As a good journalist, he committed his notes to paper straight after the meeting: Chamberlain told him of the two separate meetings and that Churchill would almost certainly become PM the next day.he also told Camrose the reasons and explained that he had agreed with Churchill that he, Chamberlain, would remain leader of the Conservative party and in the cabinet.Notwithstanding this difference, Roberts's central contention is surely correct: that Halifax had been most people's favourite to become PM, that he himself decided that Churchill was the better qualified candidate and stood aside at the vital moment.
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