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If All The Seas Were One Sea [PDF]

by Janina Domanska
I can see why this would catch the attention of a Caldecott committee.The illustrations are like nothing I've ever seen before.They are very geometric with interesting lines and shapes, although I liked some of the pictures better than others.My favorites were the animals in the sea - especially the seahorses and the octopus.

While I thought the pictures were interesting and quite unique, I had a problem with the text.Apparently it comes from a "favorite nursery rhyme" that I had never heard before. The text is very simple: "If all the seas were one sea, what a great sea that would be. And if all the trees were one tree, what a great tree that would be." The same pattern is followed with an ax and a man. So if a great man has a great ax, of course he's going to cut down the great tree "and let it fall into the great sea, what a splish splash that would be!"And that's the end of the book. If someone understands the point of this nursery rhyme, post in the comments! Please explain it to me, because I just don't get it. Some reviewers on Amazon seem to think there is some sort of "philosophical" point to it.
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Thank you! Great book!

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