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God and My Father [PDF]

by Clarence Day Jr.
I think this book would be more appropriately entitled "Religion and my Father".Father himself doesn't exactly clash with God specifically, but his experiences with the legalism of religious interpretations are enough to make him decidedly "un-religious" in the eyes of those around him.In some ways I entirely relate to his impressions and feelings regarding some of the expressions of religion in our culture!"God and My Father" feels like a satire on the legalistic religion so prevalent today, though I doubt Clarence Day meant it like that.I found myself appreciating it as such, though, and examining my own Christianity in light of the other "Father"s in the world around me.

As always, Clarence Day's book made me laugh in every chapter, as well, and his straightforward, dry-cut way of sharing his memories is a humor unachievable by trying.
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Thank you! Great book!

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