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DANNY 2 - The Revenant (DANNY Quadrilogy, #2) [PDF]

by Chancery Stone
THE DANNY QUADRILOGY is the four volume masterwork from Chancery Stone telling the epic story of the Jackson-Moores and spanning a truly awe-inspiring range of human emotions, told in a style that is so brave it borders on insane. Gleefully embracing everything from poetic Jacobean drama to perverse pornographic detail, it delves into territories so dark readers are left with a bad taste in their mouths, and more than a soupcon of delicious forbidden pleasure. By turns ugly and repellent, then lyrical and heart-wrenching, it leaves no room for manoeuvre, no middle distance, forcing us to either reject it outright or allow ourselves to be so seduced by it we are left trapped in a horrible addiction, craving more. Fortunately there is more. The highly revered and much reviled Volume 1 has now been joined by the long-awaited Volume 2 - The Revenant. Going into an altogether colder, darker and more forbidding territory, there can be no doubt that this new volume will excite as much love, fear and loathing as the first one. Six years have passed and Danny has unexpectedly returned, like a revenant revisiting the scene of the crime, a ghost haunting his own grave. Outwardly, he is the same beautiful creature he always was, except for the scar that runs down his cheek like the murderer's tears perpetually frozen on his face, the scar that makes him look like a war-scarred animal, the scar that may reveal, for the first time, the true scavenger under his skin. It takes him no time to rope in all his old conquests, all once again not only willing to be his prey but positively itching to be consumed. But there are new victims waiting in the wings: the tasty little twins that Rab has employed, the'new boy', Donald Sutherland, a foxy disciple of that dangerous unknown, Harry Greaves - perhaps the only one among them who mistrusts Danny's return, and his motives. Soon it becomes apparent that Harry is right, and there is more to Danny's reappearance than meets the eye, and for the first time his formerly unquestioning acolytes begin to seriously doubt whether they can ever truly hope make a pet of Danny. before he makes a meal of them.
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