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Beyond Everlasting [PDF]

by Lara Nance
BEYOND EVERLASTING is a paranormal romance in a contemporary setting that delves into the past history of famous French painter Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun and her daughter Jeanne.

For hundreds of years, Jeanne has aimlessly wandered the halls of the Louvre, forgetting her past and waiting to fade to Everlasting. However, her lack of purpose ends the day she discovers a living man can see her: Etienne Armand, a handsome fashion designer on the brink of ruin.

Intrigued by the instant attraction and an eerie sense of familiarity with him, she embarks on a mission to help Etienne save his failing couture house. At the same time, a spark of inquisitiveness urges her to rediscover who she really was and how she is related to famous historical figures Marie Antoinette, and painter Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun.

In the beginning, Jeanne is eager only to find the resolution which will allow her to fade. But as details of her tragic life return to her memory, a forbidden romance from the past is revealed which explains her growing love for Etienne, and makes her desperate to stay in the realm of the living.

Stirring the past is not without its dangers, as a malevolent spirit appears intent on destroying Jeanne. The only person who can save her is Margot, a living descendent of Jeanne’s. But to complicate matters, Margot is also falling in love with Etienne.

From the turmoil of the French Revolution, a tangle of personalities emerges as ghosts in modern day Paris. History, romance and haute couture collide when these spirits, and the living with whom they interact, struggle to achieve resolution, which will finally bring them peace.
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