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The Labyrinth [PDF]

by Kenneth McDonald
It's like Wizards meets Hunger games sort of thing.A group of Wizards are put into a Labyrinth. However, before the wizards-to-be test, something severe happened, and the Wizards in the Labyrinth are trapped, so they need to work together to get out of the situation.

133 pages - got it for free, and I'm glad I did though. I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Short novella.

There was some parts that are a little weird to me.They all have different expertise in spells, and they have a roll of parchment with a spell on it. The odd thing is it's "one time use".Having read books and seen movies with wizards, there's always wands, and they can reuse spells over and over. It takes practice to learn a certain difficult spell, such as Expecto Patronum.I would think it's a waste of time in a dangerous situation to grab a scroll and read off of it. That's just me.

Another thing that seems to bother me the most is descriptions of something. The author put way too much descriptive of actions, objects, magic, etc and not so much on character development and the story concept. While it's only a novella, I think it'll be better with a lot less descriptives and put more of the story/action concept it'll still pull off as a good book.

The novella is okay, it has potential. Perhaps with better editing and tweaking of the story, it'll be good.
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Thank you! Great book!

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