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13th Legion [PDF]

by Gav Thorpe
I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes Black Library's output and is a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 setting as created by Games Workshop.

This book is an early novel, before the advent of the critically acclaimed Horus Heresy line or many of the recent additions to the canon. It therefore shouldn't be judged against work such as Dan Abnett's incredible Gaunt's Ghosts books or much of Aaron Demski-Bowden's output. It was written in a "more innocent time" perhaps.

It delivers the goods though. Its violent, gritty, tense and has unexpected moments of jarring sudden death. Events that remind the reader that this is war, and horrible stuff can even happen to 'the good guys'. The Last Chancers are not 'the good guys', in fact they are criminals, given a final chance to make right their crimes against the Imperium. For criminals they seem rather tame and almost chummy I must admit, but this book is aimed at the teen market I guess and real gritty criminals are probably not the heroic 4-colour-comic-book types that GW were trying to sell too kids.

The book is fast, you'd lap it up if you like high action and lots of Dakka and I admit openly that I'm a fan of the action/adventure genre. I enjoyed this but I have read books that I thought were better put out more recently by Black Library, Dan Abnett's work especially. That said I will seek out the rest of the Last Chancer's novels and more work by Gav Thorpe. Worth a read.
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