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Return to Painter's Island [PDF]

by Gary Peterson
Return to Painter’s Island is a quick read that will help you escape from your busy day for a while. It brings back a lot of childhood memories, such as playing with the neighborhood kids, jumping in a pile of leaves, and playing make-believe. There is also a huge lesson on family and how, no matter what, you should always be there for them and help take care of them. The story is told from the main characters’ point-of-view as a memory of his childhood. He, his sisters, and their friends escaped to Painter’s Island, a small island in the middle of a lake near their homes, whenever they could and played pirates. They had a fort where they hid their swords and buried treasure. They each had chores and jobs to do to help out their family and relished the time they got to spend on Painter’s Island. When you read the book, you’ll swear it’s based on a true account of the author’s childhood days. I would definitely recommend it to older kids, teens, and adults. Review posted by Andrea Buginsky, author of "The Chosen," available from Solstice Publishing.
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Thank you! Great book!

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