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Ships Afire [PDF]

by J.J. Armas Marcelo
Alright, this isn't exactly Latin American literature, as I've categorized it.AND I ALMOST hated this.Despite its having been praised by Mario Vargas Llosa, one of my favorite writers.Really, this was yet-another bk I just wanted to get over w/ - like so many these days.Yes, yes, I loathe the conquistadors, I LOATHE the slavers, the seekers after gold, the G20 scum, the arms dealers.& this is the fictionalization of their story (minus the last 2), this is the quasi-epic.Maybe it's 'good' that Marcelo has told this story this way but, in the end, I just don't care (sortof).Toward the end Agüirre, of Werner Herzog fame, appears & that (sortof) perks it up.. but, whatever, in the end, I just hate this history, this fiction, this aspect of humanity.I look forward to when the arms dealers will be tarred & feathered out of every city they show their sorry greedy asses in, when every conquistador searching for gold is too widely recognized as an asshole that spoils everybody else's party to be able to attract an army.Good riddance.Dance.
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Thank you! Great book!

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