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Fine Lines (One-Eyed Mack, #6) [PDF]

by Jim Lehrer
Someone is killing Oklahoma's state legislators one by one. First Jonah Morgan (D-Utokah) is shot between the eyes. Then Willard (Tipp) Freeman (D-Ponca City) is thrown from a hotel window in downtown Oklahoma City. Two more lawmakers are felled before Governor Buffalo Joe Hayman can scream for justice. As always when something is fishy in the Great State of Oklahoma, Joe orders the lieutenant governor, the One-eyed Mack, to find out who's responsible. If that was all Mack had to do, it would probably be easy. But the usual suspects are up to their usual tricks. C., the one-eared director of the OBI (Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation), and Buffalo Joe are at each other's throats. Mack's wife, Jackie, may have become irreversibly tetched by the run-away success of JackieMart, her nationwide chain of drive-through convenience stores. Their son, Tommy Walt, needs Mack's help in developing a recycling scheme that will change the way business is done in Oklahoma, America, and the world. And the curator of the Museum of the Cherokee Strip, Sandra Faye Parsons, keeps trying to use the mummy of John Wilkes Booth to get Mack to strip for her! In Jim Lehrer's sixth One-eyed Mack mystery, his sharp eye for satire glints as strongly as ever. By the final chapters of Fine Lines, readers everywhere will know why the people of Oklahoma couldn't find themselves a better, more charming lieutenant governor than the One-eyed Mack.
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