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Evolution's End [PDF]

by Joseph Chilton Pearce
Within each human being lies the potential to achieve evolution's highest form. Pearce, in this stunning sequel to The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, shows how we have thwarted evolution's plan and locked ourselves into the lowest level of the brain-mind structure - a level that has led us into a cultural state bordering on futility and despair. Human beings are now in grave biological jeopardy due to five common practices that have given rise to rampant violence, child suicide, and deteriorating family and social structures. Hospital childbirth interferes with the natural bonding process between infant and mother, which in turn impedes the potential for all future bonds: with parents, friends, spouse, and society. Daycare takes the child even further from the mother, increasing the inability to bond and implanting a lifelong sense of alienation and isolation. Television damages the brain, not because of its content, but because its mechanical effect cripples a child's ability to learn. Premature attempts at formal education prevent development of the imagination children without such development tend towards violence and are often uneducable. Synthetic growth hormones used in meat, dairy, and poultry products accumulate in children and accelerate physical and sexual development, while psychological and intellectual maturation is radically impaired. The culmination of three billion years of evolution, Pearce argues, is within our own neural structures. It is up to us to recognize this and consciously participate in its ongoing creative process, unleashing powers that by today's standards might well be considered awesome - powers that Pearce claims are simply the intrinsic results of an evolution allowed to proceed along its own unhindered and natural course. He boldly points to ways in which we may pass through the forces that impede us and come to the next step in human evolution.
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