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Heartbreak? How To Heal Your Broken Heart With Self-Therapy [PDF]

by Alexander Janzer
What is the secret to get over a breakup in the quickest way possible?

The secret is that the pain of a broken heart is caused by emotional wounds from childhood. When you heal the emotional wounds, the heartbreak will also be gone! The self-therapy exercises in this book are based on this little known psychological fact.

Time does NOT heal all wounds:

Every person has psychologial wounds and trauma from early childhood. The reason for this is that emotional wounding does not heal "on its own". We suppress the emotional wounds, so that they come up again and again as emotional pain that is usually accompanied by emotional charges such as intense anger or sadness.

After a breakup A LOT of charged emotions and suppressed wounds come back to the surface and make us feel miserable.

Psychotherapy can help, but it is usually quite costly. However, you do not need a therapist to heal your own emotional wounding, You just need to know how to do it. With the self-therapy exercises described in this book, you save not only a lot of money, but you can also heal your broken heart independently from home in the fastest way possible.
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Thank you! Great book!

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