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Bare Detectives [PDF]

by Charles Peters

Sally's father let Victor, Sally and Lilly into the Ogleby Home. Paps was seated in a rocking chair and Lawrence was seated at the table staring into a cup of coffee.

Dick said, "They are settled down. Roger just called his dad at a bad time. I called Roger back and let him know that I am here and everything is okay."

Paps said, "They killed Jossette. Now they've killed Steed. Everything is not okay."

Lilly asked, "Who do you think killed them?"

"I don't know. I don't know anything. I just know that two of my grandchildren are dead and I can't do a damn [bleep] thing about it. Two of my grandchildren are dead and no one even gives a damn. The police will not even investigate. Why won't they investigate?"

Lilly said, "My brother and I are going to investigate. We are going to find out what happened to Steed. But you know, Jossette's death has been ruled and closed as from natural causes."

"Food Poisoning! I told Lawrence at the time there was something suspicious about Jossette's death but oh no, I was just being a silly, paranoid, old man. And my God, we found my Rachel hanging in a closet. Hanging in Jossette's closet! How [bleep] natural is that?"

Lawrence said, "Rachel wrote a suicide note."

"No. She typed a suicide note on Jossette's computer when there was a pen and paper right there. Rachel never typed anything. She hates computers. I doubt she would have even known how to turn Jossette's computer on."

Lawrence said, "Rachel owned a computer. She was not adverse to computers."

Lilly said, "So Jossette did not keep her computer password protected."

Lawrence said, "I assumed not. I don't keep my home computer password protected."

Victor said, "No. She did keep her computer protected. She once forgot her password and needed me to help her bypass it."

Lilly said, "Maybe she stopped using a password after that. I mean, you told her how it could so easily be by-passed."

"No. I added an encryption method where instead of entering a password she had to insert a flash disk. At least while I was still dating her, she continued using that system. Of course I don't know about after they moved."

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