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New York, New York (Love, Tink #2) [PDF]

by Elle Strauss
I loved the first novelette in this cute series (Love, Tink), so I absolutely wanted to read this sequel of it, too. Luckily, I could grab it for free a little while ago on Amazon.

New York, New York, brings us back to Neverland, where Tinkerbell still feels awful about helping Peter back to his New York. She misses him terribly, so she decides to go there also and asks her friend, Jangle, to send her there. Eventually, both Tink and Jangle end up there. When she finally finds Peter, Tink realizes New York isn't everything she hoped it would be.

As you can all see, I have this novelette a really low rating and it absolutely pained me to do so, because I love the first book so much, I even gave it five stars back then, but unfortunately, New York, New York was really just an okay book for me. It's too bad because I do love the author's take on the story of Peter Pan (He's one of my favorite fictional characters, wether it's the original book or a retelling).
It's hard to explain the things that bothered me. I hate to say it but it was mostly Tinkerbell herself that annoyed me and also... say you're a fairy and you've lived all your life in Neverland (you should be so lucky) and, then, suddenly you're transported to New York City and, bam! you have a human body with no wings (except in mirrors) all of a suddenly, don't you think you would freak out really badly at first at least? Yes, sure, Tink and Jangle were a little freaked and scared of the unknown city they were in but they sure got over it fast. Yeah, I know, these books aren't supposed to be all hard and difficult. It's a short, fun read but still...
And also Peter wasn't a lot in it. Only at the end and it wasn't like he said anything. *sad face*
On a possitive note; New characters! Yay! I love to get to know new characters. We had Dylan, Ivy, Wendy (yes, that Wendy. Yes, I hated her.) and some others. I liked Dylan the best. He was really nice and amused with how Tink and Jangle or Bella and Jan as they called themselves there. From what I've seen from Ivy, she was also very nice and of course, Wendy had to be a bitch but that'll make it interesting in the book, I think/hope. Steal your man from her, Tink!
In the end I think I missed Neverland and the pirates, mermaid and of course the lost boys a little too much. I wish to know more about them all.

Overall it was sadly enough an okay read. Something you can read really fast if you're bored in the weekend or something. I wish I had liked it a lot more, obviously but it happens. But there's always the next book. I'm not giving up on this series, because I love Peter Pan too much. Let's just hope there's more Peter in the third book! *fingers crossed*
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