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The Dark Crusade (The Dark Wing Series, #4) [PDF]

by Walter H. Hunt
The Dark Path introduced a new alien force into the delicate balance of power.This force was the actual puppetmaster of the human-zor war and now wishes to bring both worlds under its madness inducing shadow.The Dark Ascent brought into focus a secret conspiracy that is disrupting the balance of power on both a military and metaphysical level.
But the same ancient philosophy of the zor race that prophesized "the Dark Wing" has also foreseen a hero that will meet the new menaceā€”a hero now mystically embodied in a rebellious space commodore by the name of Jackie Lappierre.

Now in The Dark Crusade as armadas clash and outposts fall, the overly confident alien menace is forced to confront a zor human alliance that has been warned, their covert and insidious plans of infiltration now exposed...but all is not as it seems to be. The "vuhl menace" may not be the ultimate enemy, and the all-powerful puppetmasters that have lurked in the shadows have entered the endgame where the mysteries of alien prophecies may have already determined the outcome.

Though victory is hardly attained by either side in The Dark Crusade, the page turning and thought provoking climax will forever alter the fate of sentient life in the galaxy.
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Release date 03.05.2006
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