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Canyon of Remembering [PDF]

by Lesley Poling-Kempes
There is magic to be found in this place so beautiful, it might be holy . . . El Cañon de los Recuerdos.Here between the mountains, on the edge of the desert, in a remote area of Northern New Mexico, you must come expecting the miraculous:People around the village still spoke of the miracle of the flying sheep, even if they did not believe it to be true. They still spoke of the young Garcia girl and how she saw five sheep tumbled in the wind ahead of a thunderstorm, wool balls at the infinite mercy of God's hand. Dominga's parents and brothers, and most everyone else around Mi Ojo, believed that seven-year-old Dominga had been struck on the head by lightning that day. Even when the sheep were found dead five miles out in Recuerdos Canyon, their wool tinged with hues of purple and pink, like the tips of the clouds at sundown, people around Mi Ojo believed Dominga's story to be nonsense. The miracle, they said was that Dominga Garcia was alive at all, loco or not. But Dominga knew el milagro de Mi Ojo was the five flying sheep, even if her neighbors were too stubborn to acknowledge it.And even now, at forty-seven, the beautiful widow Dominga Garcia de Jesus hasn't stopped believing in miracles; she's just desperately in need of one.In an extraordinarily rich pageant of characters and cultures, through a landscape so palpable it breathes with a life of its own, Canyon of Remembering charts the soul's journey to find meaning, forgiveness, and most miraculous of all . . . love.
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