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The Wolf and the Bobcat (Grey Wolf Pack, #9) [PDF]

by E.A. Price
For Casey Shaw, a night of drinking at O’Neill’s was a pretty regular occurrence. But when he literally bumps into the woman of his dreams, a sexy, little bobcat shifter, the night is anything but ordinary. There's just one problem - the delectable bobcat skipped out on him before he could even get her name. He wants nothing more than to see her again, and as his thoughts and dreams are increasingly dominated by her, he starts to suspect just how important she is.

Deanna Hardison went to O’Neill’s to let loose. To enjoy one night of celebrating before returning to the responsibilities of her job as a Sheriff’s Deputy and taking care of her family. She didn’t expect to meet a dreamy wolf shifter and completely lose her inhibitions, nor did she expect just how much her bobcat would pine for him afterwards.

When they are finally reunited, Casey is thrilled to have his luscious bobcat back, but Deanna has a few reservations… She has trouble trying to come to terms with Casey’s past and her own fears of rejection, while dealing with the fact that her errant mother has just rolled into town, dragging with her a new boyfriend a whole, heap of trouble.

Can Casey convince Deanna that they belong together before he loses her forever? And can Deanna get over her own hang-ups before it’s too late?

Please note this novella is approximately 47,000 words in length (short and sweet right!)
But I must advise caution! This novella contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s a bit of swearing too!) Cheeky bobcat!

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Thank you! Great book!

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