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By the Grace of God [PDF]

by Keshia Dawn
Gracie Gregory owns Full of Grace Fitness Gym. Her business is successful and she loves being an aerobics instructor even if she does have to rise with the sun for her first class. She has loving, supportive parents, a fiancé, Dillian, and a best friend, Kendra. But the fiancé soon departs without explanation and it turns out that she doesn't know her best friend as well as she thinks she does.
Keshia Dawn's debut novel tackles an issue we all should be more educated about but many of us avoid. She shows the cycle of fear, devastation, anger, denial and acceptance (sometimes) that occurs when a person is forced to deal with this issue. She also shows that, By the Grace of God, what seems like the end could really be a new beginning.
This is a story about relationships - good ones, bad ones, broken ones, mended ones, healthy ones, unhealthy ones, the ones that add way too much drama to a person's life - and the importance of making wise choices. Couldn't help but notice quite a few typos in this book, but that's not the author's fault; she wrote an interesting, thought-provoking read. And, oh yeah, I love the cover!
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Thank you! Great book!

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