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The Deer Stalker (BBC Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes, #3) [PDF]

by Paul Cornell
From the BBC Cult: Sherlock Holmes set of audio stories written for the BBC web site, and aired in BBC7. Someone takesshot at either Holmes or Watson. When Holmes inspects the odd rifle used in the attempt, he discovers the it was manufactured by Mannlicher, and its supposed date of manufacture is, to say the least, startling. From there we're off into the wilds of metafiction on a voyage that's neither subtle nor satisfying — the brevity of the piece means we have to be rather clubbed over the head with the explanation, and left hanging at the end. Also, for no apparent reason, we learn that John H. Watson, MD, frequents ladies of easy virtue, rather than being married. Mostly excellent reading by Andrew Sachs.
[PDF] The Deer Stalker (BBC Cult Presents: Sherlock Holmes, #3) download

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Thank you! Great book!

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