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The Runaway [PDF]

by Mike Walsh
Turning fifteen in 1951, Michael O’Hara ran away from his Rhode Island home for the seventy-second and last time. His harrowing six-month odyssey across the country leads him to Hollywood, leaving behind a wake of murder, revenge, torture, and kidnapping—and what was left of his innocence.

“This book grabbed me from the first page and never let go. I think it will be with me forever. It is an amazing odyssey, a fabulous tale, an incredible story.”
—Lee Harris, author of “Murder in Alphabet City” and the “Christine Bennett” series

“If you like road novels, and coming of age novels, and no holds barred depictions of life on the edge in 1950’s America, The Runaway is your meat. Strong and trenchant stuff.”
—Bill Pronzini, author of the “Nameless Detective” series

“Mike Walsh has written an original, funny, fearful, and compelling novel that blurs the line between fiction and memoir. A classic coming-of-age novel in every sense, fringed with shades of noir and a thumb-up to the highway sensibility, The Runaway is a novel that will rivet the reader’s attention.”
—Mitch Cullin, author of “Tideland” and “Whompyjawed”

“The Runaway is a Dickensian roman à clef written by an author who understands firsthand what America is like for kids who didn’t go to Yale or don’t play golf with the Bush family. It’s a messy catch-the-greased-pig contest called Life. If you’ve ever been a teenager and felt alone you’ll love this book. If you’ve ever run away from anything you’ll love this book. A first rate first novel.”
—Kent Harrington, author of “Red Jungle”

“A raw look at life on the road in the 1950’s from the point of view of a young boy who is the antithesis of Beaver Cleaver. This is a powerful tale that will stay with you long after you finish.”
—Chris Acevedo, owner of Clues Unlimited Bookstore, Tucson, Arizona
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