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Danny Dunn, Time Traveler (Danny Dunn, #8) [PDF]

by Jay Williams
A desperate escape!

Danny, Irene, Joe and Professor bullfinch launch themselves on an amazing journey—in time. They land in the year 1763 and one of the first people they meet is Benjamin Frankly!

The Professor plans to return soon to the future, but when he throws the switch, the time machine won't start! While he and Mr. Franklin try to repair it, Danny and his friends explore the colonial town—and Joe is kidnapped by an angry innkeeper who mistakes him for a runaway.

Danny and Irene rescue him, but the innkeeper is hot on their trail as they race back to the Professor and Mr. franklin. Will the time machine work now? Or are they stranded in the past forever?
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1. Persia Emily | 30.09.2016 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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