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The Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #3) [PDF]

by R. Scott Bakker
I was very disappointed in The Unholy Consult.This is a book with some major, major problems.

Initially, I was super excited because of all the 5-star reviews of it on Goodreads.That's a really good sign!Plenty of the reviews on Goodreads are deep and insightful, and while the whole 'rating' thing can be suspect, surely the fact that so many people liked it was a promising leading indicator, right?

However, once I actually began reading the book, I encountered a serious problem:it doesn't exist.All of the pages I looked at were blank, or, more precisely, existed in an alternate, unreachable universe from the one that I am currently living in.I have spent literally hours and hours not reading this book; yet no matter how much I don't read it, it continues to not exist.The characterization, plot, and writing were all extremely flat - perfectly flat, in fact - and as you can imagine the dramatic tension simply wasn't there at all.The book's complete nonexistence is a major problem, and one that I hope the author will address in future revisions.

And the unanswered questions from earlier books are legion.What is the relationship of the Consult to Kellhus?What are the aspect-emperor's end goals?And what about Naomi? Will she love again?None of this is addressed in any of the chapters that I could read, which is none of them.

Perhaps I will revise this review once the book actually exists, but for now: two thumbs down.This is perhaps the WORST book that doesn't exist that I never read.
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Thank you! Great book!

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