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Gift - Wrapped Groom (Harlequin American Romance, No 563) [PDF]

by M.J. Rodgers
Noel and Nicholas were great by how trifling was her grandfather, Winsome? He needed to mind his own business. He had already interfered by holding her business and house hostage in order to get her to marry a mail order groom from Russia.

Definitely an exoticized notion of the endurance of Russians, but I do believe that some of the information about the conditions of Russians under communism might have been true but I don't know. Nicholas is a pragmatist and Noel is a dreamer. It's the source of much conflict and confusion between them. I like how their different upbringings play such a major role in how they understand an event or situation. He thinks that Christmas in the US is a capitalist indulgence and she thinks that it's about miracles, community and happiness.

They do fall for each other in spite of her grandfather's machinations. And the story is actually really lovely and well done. The interactions like the snow wash are sweet and him running naked in the snow is insane but these are the small ways they get to know each other and fall for one another.
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