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Time is Real - A Case for Time as a Physical Phenomenon [PDF]

by James Weinstein
Can we ever know what Time is? Does Time exist independent of our reality or is it something that exists as a part our reality but we have yet to comprehend? From the title of my book you should know where I stand on this.

Important me is when the concept of time became scientific, and when the people discussing the topic were considered scientists. Arguably, this began with the period of Sir Isaac Newton during the 17th century. While I believe the philosophical dealings concerning time are important; only those relevant to the modern concept of time presented in this book will be discussed.

The narrative arc of this book will begin with the temporal thoughts of the people in the previous paragraph. Then we will dive into the Einstein Era which set the stage for our modern thoughts on the nature of Time. Section four will cover our current views on time and the introduction of a new arrow of time. Then the fifth section I will attempt to construct a modern view of time. And finally I will show a few experiments that would confirm my view concerning the nature of time.
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