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Bill Nye the Science Guy's Great Big Book of Science [PDF]

by Bill Nye
This book follows the same format as Bill Nye's popular TV series: a series of interesting factoids about a topic (in this case, oceans and dinosaurs) laced with humor, anecdotes, photographs, colorful illustrations and some hands-on experiments for kids to try at home. For example, Nye tells the story of a boat headed to Hong Kong that spilled a load of more than 7,000 rubber ducks and other bath toys after a violent storm on the Pacific Ocean. These toys later turned up in Alaska, in ice caps near the North Pole and even in the Atlantic Ocean, making what would have been sea trash into a valuable tool for documenting ocean currents.

I have enjoyed Bill Nye's TV show since I used to watch it with my own daughters. I was pleased to see that he's still making shows and videos as well as book projects. I think one of the reasons American kids aren't interested in math and science are that they aren't taught in ways that make them interesting and relevant. Bill Nye is an excellent introduction to science topics for tweens.
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