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Public Speaking for Newbies [PDF]

by Linda W. Yezak
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Many of us authors tend to live in our heads, direct what we have to say to the page rather than a crowd, and tolerate outsiders for only as long as our creative minds allow before slipping back into our craniums with thoughts of "that would make a great story!" or "what an intriguing character he would be!"

Like it or not, though, after we publish that great story about the intriguing character, we have to promote it and ourselves. A variety of tools exist to help us with promotions, and even for those of us who rank high on the timidity scale, public speaking is one of those tools. Standing in front of a group can turn the most confident person into a self-conscious, sweaty-palmed, knobby-kneed teenager. The very thought can make us want to bathe in invisible ink.

That’s why the best time to develop your speaking skills is before you've even been invited to speak. If you know this is something you want to try, start preparing now.

Author Linda Yezak offers her tips and tricks to help you reach out, speak up, and promote yourself with confidence.
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1. Persia Emily | 10.07.2017 17:33

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Thank you! Great book!

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