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死ぬほど好き [Shinu hodo Suki] [PDF]

by Yugi Yamada

Summary from Mangaupdates :

A collection of one-shots:

1) Shinu hodo Suki (Love you to Death)
Eto & Yanagi were always been good friends, but after Eto confessed to Yanagi the latter started to act cold toward him. One day, one month before graduation from high school, Eto met Yanagi and his friend Yutaka by chance in the train...

2) Suki sugide Kirai (Hate to Love)
Continuation of "Shinu hodo Suki" from Yanagi point of view.

3) Jyuu Shuunen Omedetou (Congratulation on Ten Years)
10 years after the events of the two first stories.

4) Kegarasu (Morning Call)
Yoshimura Keiichi was seen with a man by his Subordinate Sakura in a Love hotel, and for some reason, Sakura asked him to meet him after work in the next day. Dealing with the circumstances seem to be not as hard as expected.

5) Yume no Awayuki (Snowfall Deams)
Continuation of "Kegarasu".

6) Aokute Gomen (Sorry for Being Inexperienced)
From the first time that Miyahara saw Kurotani row he wanted to pair with him.

7) Onna ni Shika Wakaranai (Only Women Understand)
Hirasawa & Hanamura Seems to have the same tastes in food, drinks and girls...

8) Ai ga Doushita (No Need for Love)
A continuation of the 2nd story from Dare ga Omae wo Suki dato Itta:
Kouta, Madoka's riotous teenager son, meet an Intriguing older man in Kentarou's gay bar...

Extra) Ai ga Doushita Omake


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Arienai Futari (Adapted From)
Dare ga Omae wo Suki dato Itta (Prequel)
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