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Gypsy from Nowhere (Gypsy, #1) [PDF]

by Sharon Wagner
Then there was Gypsy. Wendy loved horses - yet horses were the reason for her fight against living on a ranch. Her father's new foreign assignment was only for a year, but to Wendy, the thought of spending even one year on a ranch, so close to the hoses, was sheer torture.

Aunt Laura and Uncle Art were kind and sympathetic, of course, but they didn't really understand - about Buck and all.

Then there was Gypsy, a stunningly beautiful filly with one blue eye and one brown eye, who knew how to open doors - including the tightly locked door to Wendy's heart.

No one knew where Gypsy came from. She appeared at the Cross-R Ranch the same day Wendy arrived.

Gypsy and Wendy had other things in common, too. Each had something hidden in the past; each had been badly injured; each was afraid of people, afraid of being hurt again; each cried silently for understanding.

So it was natural that Wendy should be the only one who could rescue Gypsy. And it was just as natural that this courageous, intelligent horse - the gently, shy, love-hungry Gypsy From Nowhere - should be the only one who could restore Wendy's happiness and self-confidence.
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