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What Is the Panama Canal? [PDF]

by Janet B. Pascal
I liked it.France got 9 miles in before they got bankrupt trying to do it so they stopped.The United States was going to build it in Nicaragua, but the French wanted them to dig where they had been digging, so they gave them a bargain to do it.Most people wanted it to be at sea level, but the United States wanted it to be 85 feet above sea level because all those mountains.They used locks to do it.So you went 11 miles in, then you went in locks 85 feet up and then you go 21 miles and then you went down 85 miles and then you went around 7 to 6 miles more and then you were in the ocean.They started making it bigger so bigger ships can go.It's really small so only small ships can go through.But in 2015 bigger ships will be able to go through cause they're remodeling.One person swam through thewhole Panama Canal and it only cost him 32 cents for him to swim across the whole Panama Canal.For ships to go across they charge by how much they weigh and how big they are and one other way.When they were making the Panama Canal, I lot of US people came and watched from mountains and it became one of the biggest tourist spots.The very first ship went through on January 7, 1914.It took until 1950 for the United States to earn all the money back.Before they built the Panama Canal, they built a railroad because before the canal, people would take a ship to Panama.Then they would walk across the miles.But most people would start out healthy and never come back cause it was so hard.So the United States built a railroad and it was 25 dollars for just one person plus baggage cause there was no other railroad so they could charge a lot.It was around $32 after baggage.One person after going on it said that was one of the best railroad rides I ever went on.
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