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Hilary of Poitiers, John of Damascus [PDF]

by Hilary of Poitiers
John of Damascus - (c. 675-749), Syrian monk and priest
Saint John Damascene has the double honor of being the last but one of the fathers of the Eastern Church, and the greatest of her poets. It is surprising, however, how little that is authentic is known of his life. The account of him by John of Jerusalem, written some two hundred years after his death, contains an admixture of legendary matter, and it is not easy to say where truth ends and fiction begins.

St. Hilary of Poitiers - (ca. 315-367), Bishop of Poitiers
Hilary was bishop of Poitiers in west central France and was the leading orthodox Latin church father during the peak of the Arian power. Hilary was born into a prominent pagan family of Poitiers and was educated in philosophy and rhetoric. Three years after his conversion to Christianity (ca .350), he was elected bishop of his hometown by the people there, even though he was married.
After the Council of Milan (355) agreed to the banishment of the orthodox Athanasius, Hilary organized the bishops of Gaul to resist the Arian emperor and those bishops who supported Arianism. As a result, Emperor Constantius exiled Hilary to Phrygia (Asia Minor) where he wrote his principal work On the Trinity (356-359).

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