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A Rage Against Heaven [PDF]

by Fred M. Stewart

Now y'all know this one wasn't going to be winning any Pulitzers, right?It's about as subtle as a freight train.Published by Viking in 1978, Fred Stewart offers up a steamy dish of love, war (the US Civil War to be exact), betrayal, murder, wealth, politics, Mexican bandits, cheating spouses, faked deaths....the list goes on and on.

The story chiefly follows one young couple, married at the onset of the Civil War and follows their lives through the war, on to Paris during the reign Napoleon III and the ensuing fall of the Second French Empire, and down to Mexico for the stirrings of the revolution to come in 1910.Whew.It's a long ride, but a fun one riddled with enough drama for an afternoon soap opera.

Stewart's writing is sound and the man knows how to build tension in a scene.Of course, some descriptions and scenes do stray a bit over the top, but who can blame him?When you have the power to do things like give your character a fatal case of syphilis or bring him back from the dead, you're bound to run away with it a tad.

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