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The President's Stuck in the Mud and Other Wild West Escapades (Making Choices, #3) [PDF]

by Stephen Bly

In the 70s and 80s when I was growing up, there was a revolutionary kind of book that were riveting not because they were J.K. Rowling's wizard fictions or because they were macabre ghost stories. No, instead they were a new type of interactive book where the reader got to choose their own adventure and make decisions affecting the plot. I had no idea they even existed until my mom tossed this very title at her very reluctant son. Growing up, I had Aspergers-like symptoms, ADHD, and an undiagnosed visual disorder that kept me from retaining what I read. Not until I found this book, and the other first 4 in the series very easily could be credited with saving my sanity.

These "Making Choices" books weren't like a normal, front-to-back book. Instead, at the end of a section, which was usually a page long, you would find,

If you want to go do option A,turn to page 2
If you'd rather go off and do option B, turn to page 3.
and then you would turn to that page to continue the story. This brought out a level of interactivity that people didn't usually have in their stories. You could do what you felt like doing, what you knew that you probably should do or sometimes there were odd third or even fourth choices.

For example, in the first pages of The President's Stuck in the Mud and Other Wild West Escapades, your twin sisters want to camp at different camp sites in Yellowstone, so as usual, you have to make the choice between camp sites and everything you do for the rest of the story, is shaped determined by that choice. You might star in a wild west film with a John Wayne-like movie star, or you might get lost, break your leg and end up trying to photograph a sasquatch only to get killed for your troubles! Your choices drive the story, which is what made the books so entertaining! However, the substance was the impact of your choices and how a little—but deliberate—choice could snowball into a series of choices you never intended. Or a seemingly little gesture could make a world of difference.

What I most appreciated, even as a young kid reading these books was that they were never heavy-handed. Nothing was ever, "Go do the Christian thing and share your faith with a complete stranger now! Turn to page 316!" The book, all 4 of the books were really cool about it. If it ever did open up an opportunity to be honest and real about your faith, it was in the quiet, honest moments, one on one with someone and in a meaningful and respectful way, which were the only times I ever found that sharing my faith actually took hold with someone else.

[PDF] The President's Stuck in the Mud and Other Wild West Escapades (Making Choices, #3) download

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