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Lords of the Sea [PDF]

by Allison Lassieur
A visual style CAN be educational, and this contribution proves the point! Lassieur narrates the Viking exploration of the North Atlantic from Scandinavia, to England, Iceland, Greenland and Vinland. The text illuminates what we know and also clarifies which details remain lost to history.

An excellent supplement to a study of the Vikings, our lower grammar student was so excited the could read it himself! However, I would clarify this book is a supplement, and as such is an optional purchase and a prudent library check out. This is not the entire story of the Vikings. Their raiding tendencies, colonization for the purposes of raiding, and eventual conversion to Christianity are not covered. You would not understand why the Norsemen were feared all over Europe for hundreds of years by reading this account of their exploration of the North Atlantic. But what is covered is done extremely well. Recommended.
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Thank you! Great book!

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