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Death and Anti-Death, Volume 7 (1033-1109) [PDF]

by Charles Tandy
Death And Anti-Death, Volume 7: Nine Hundred Years After St. Anselm (1033-1109) is edited by Charles Tandy, Ph.D.: ISBN 978-1-934297-05-6 is the Hardback edition and ISBN 978-1-934297-07-0 is the Paperback edition. Volume 7, as indicated by the anthology's subtitle, is in honor of St. Anselm (1033-1109). The chapters do not necessarily mention him (but some chapters do). The chapters (by professional philosophers and other professional scholars) are directed to issues related to death, life extension, and anti-death, broadly construed. Most of the contributions consist of scholarship unique to this volume. As was the case with all previous volumes in the Death And Anti-Death Series By Ria University Press, the anthology includes an Index as well as an Abstracts section that serves as an extended table of contents. (Volume 7 also has a BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS section.) Volume 7 includes chapters by some of the world's leading living thinkers, including: ——-Philosopher of in vitro meat - Brian J. Ford; ——-Medievalist philosopher - Jasper Hopkins; ——-Today's "Thomas Edison" - Ray Kurzweil; ——-Oxford University Metaphysician - J. R. Lucas; ——-Ontological argument experts - Graham Oppy ("Nay") and Charles Taliaferro ("Yea"). There are 16 chapters, as follows: ——-CHAPTER ONE Life And Death Economics Revisited: Reflections On The Economic Crisis One Year On (by Giorgio Baruchello and Valerio Lintner) pages 35-54; ——-CHAPTER TWO Culturing Meat For The Future: Anti-Death Versus Anti-Life (by Brian J. Ford) pages 55-80; ——-CHAPTER THREE Contrasting Conceptions Of Mors Beata: Saint Augustine And Albert Camus (by Jasper Hopkins) pages 81-100; ——-CHAPTER FOUR Hormones Of Youth (by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman) pages 101-156; ——-CHAPTER FIVE Prenatal Nonexistence (by Jack Lee) pages 157-168; ——-CHAPTER SIX The Search For The Ultimate (by J. R. Lucas) pages 169-210; ——-CHAPTER SEVEN The Urgent Need For An Academic Revolution: The Rational Pursuit Of Wisdom (by Nicholas Maxwell) pages 211-238; ——-CHAPTER EIGHT Limitless Life: The Psychology Of Forever (by Max More) pages 239-274; ——-CHAPTER NINE Anselm's First Argument (by Graham Oppy) pages 275-296; ——-CHAPTER TEN God Versus The Multiverse: An Ontological Argument Against The Existence Of A Supreme Being, With A Hopeful Alternative (by R. Michael Perry) pages 297-312; ——-CHAPTER ELEVEN Living Towards Eternal Life: Saint Anselm's Christian Anthropology (by Gregory B. Sadler) pages 313-346; ——-CHAPTER TWELVE The Anselmian Ontological Argument As The Ultimate Anti-Death Argument: Suggestions On How To Reason From Possible Divine Perfection To Actual Divine Perfection (by Charles Taliaferro) pages 347-372; ——-CHAPTER THIRTEEN The Breadth Of Theism Defense: Redemption And The Problem Of Evil (by Charles Taliaferro and Jacob Zillhardt) pages 373-392; ——-CHAPTER FOURTEEN Personal, Temporal, And Paragonal Aspects Of The Omniverse (by Charles Tandy) pages 393-450; ——-CHAPTER FIFTEEN A Philosopher Looks At Posthumanity: Inconclusive Conclusions? (by Charles Tandy) pages 451-468; ——-CHAPTER SIXTEEN O'Neill-Type Space Habitats And The Industrial Conquest Of Space (by P. Ulmschneider) pages 469-494. ——-The INDEX begins on page 495.
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