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If I Never Knew You (If I Never Knew You, #1-3) [PDF]

by Aubrey Bailey
If I Never Knew You: Madison Summers is an eighteen-year-old high school graduate who, due to her father’s recent departure, is charged with the task of taking care of her mother and little brother, Andy. However, working double shifts at the Wayside Restaurant can barely pay the bills, and having a manipulative boyfriend, Damian, leaves her little time for her to spend with her family.
When she meets Andy’s friend, Orion, at work one day, she can’t help but immediately picture this new friend as her knight in shining armor. She soon falls in love with him behind the back of her controlling and abusive boyfriend. Afraid to leave him for another man, Madison is faced with a very important choice that could change her life forever.
Can she turn her secret life with Orion into her new life?
Will she be able to meet the consequences of betraying Damian?
When Madison’s past collides with her present, everything is doomed to fall to pieces. However, with the help of her brother, can she make it out with everything she’s ever wanted…or will she be left with nothing?

To Know You Is To Love You: Flash forward twenty years after the Madison is rescued from her abusive boyfriend by Orion, they now have a twenty-year-old son, Noah, and a sixteen-year-old daughter, Riley. Now it is Riley’s turn to deal with her own problems at Kennewa High School. With the help from her friends and family, will she be able to balance her time between her successful band, The Valentinas, and the school play she is writing? Will she be able to choose between her current boyfriend, Preston, and her long-time friend, Landon?
When shady figures from her parents’ past re-emerge, Riley’s life is thrown into a tailspin of danger and emotion. The pressure from her record company and writing her school’s play begin to weigh her down, badly. Will her family and friends be able to help her along the way, or will she have to save herself?
Or will she make it safely out of high school at all?

To Love Once Again Is To Love Again: Four years after Riley Pratt and Landon Callahan are separated seemingly forever, their lives collide once again. Riley’s band, The Valentinas, are world famous and still growing. Landon Callahan is a famous actor living in Hollywood. When his director decides to cast them together in his next project, the twists and turns of their lives are on stage for the whole world to see.
Although they have moved on since high school, Riley and Landon must deal with rising emotions, fickle feelings and a stressed-out director. Throw in talk shows, movie deals and plenty of drama, and the two star-struck lovers’ worlds are turned upside down.
Will their past catch up to them? Will the stress of living under spotlights break their spirits? Will they find love, or will heartbreak find them first?
In the end, they have to decide if it was all worth it.
For Riley and Landon, this is the grand finale.
[PDF] If I Never Knew You (If I Never Knew You, #1-3) download

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