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The Honor of the Queen (Honor Harrington, #2) [PDF]

by David Weber
First let me congratulate David Weber. I don't know what his own religious convictions (if any) are but he's done something (for me) very welcome here. He's written a book about a civilization of religious fanatics without leaving the feeling that anyone who is religious or holds religious convictions is either crazy or dangerous. That's more rare than you might might realize if it doesn't effect you. I'm a Christian and in spite of the fact that it's hard to remember the last big Baptist bombing or Methodist terror attack it seems that every time religious fanatics come up in a book recently Christians come off looking pretty bad. I mean I can see why. With well known threatening figures out there like Billy Graham and Mother Teressa it's no wonder.

Anyway, that aside, the book itself is good and for me comes just short of the 5 star rating...close, oh so close, but I think that I found the ones I have given 5 stars either more enjoyable or in some way more moving. Still if we had that half star we're always talking about, this would get 4.5.

Honor back in action after the events of her Command at Basilisk Station. Confronting prejudice in a society where women are still chattel she gets to change attitudes of an entire civilization, or at least try to.

In the line of duty this time Honor will face physical danger, bigotry, covert killers and worst of all...a cowardly bureaucrat. Horrors.

If you've read other of my reviews you know that I like protagonists who are frankly good guys (of course "guy" is used in the generic sense here with no gender inferred) who understand honor (small h), honesty, duty, courage (saddling up anyway even when you're scared to death). Heroes and heroines who struggle not to compromise with evil who understand that the strong interpose themselves between danger and the weak. So I'm a sucker for Honor Harrington. So far so good. I am enjoying the series.

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