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24 Hours [PDF]

by Margaret Mahy
YA. The thing aboutMargaret Mahy is that her characters speak with a lot of bang! I tend to shrug it off, figuring that's just the way people talk in New Zealand, overly cheery and always willing to end with an exclamation point. It's definitely the way people talk in Mahy's New Zealand.

This is a young adult novel with an affable narrator who still makes impulsive, childish decisions, but who is in the process of finding out who he is and what his talents are, and it's satisfying for that. It reads a little like something an angsty high schooler might write, complete with the suicide of a best friend and the recital of Shakespeare at a pivotal moment in the plot, but it's harmless enough. It's also really mundane, in the sense that it lacks the supernatural elements that often show up in her novels.

Two stars. I like Mahy a lot, but I won't be rereading this one.
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Thank you! Great book!

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