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Beyond Mulder and Scully [PDF]

by Andy Mangels
In 1993, Fox premiered an eerie new series that urged viewers to question reality. Four seasons later, The X-Files is a smash hit, with dozens of television's top awards to its credit. It is a merchandising and marketing juggernaut, and although other books have purported to be guides to the series, none et them have given readers a close encounter with all its stars ... until now.While The X-Files storylines engage the viewers, it is the actors who truly bring the series to life. Thus far, leading stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have received most of the spotlight, while the excellent supporting cast of The X-Files has been overlooked, despite the fact that each member figures deeply in the series' mythology and conspiracies.

Little is known about the secretive men called "Deep Throat" (played by Jerry Hardin), "X" (Steven Williams), "Cigarette Smoking Man" (William B. Davis), "Agent Krycek" (Nicholas Lea), or even Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi). Beyond Mulder and Scully finally exposes the Truth about the shadowy agents, and the actors who play them. Each actor is extensively profiled, including information about his career and life before and during The X-Files. Previous small- and big-screen appearances are reviewed, as readers chart the rise of each to cult stardom. Additionally, the enigmatic X-Files characters are thoroughly dissected, unraveling the complex web of conspiracy.

Finally, a comprehensive file gives the facts on the first four seasons of The X-Files, profiling major guest stars in each episode, including Emmy winner Peter Boyle, freakshow proprietor Jim Rose, Jodie Foster as the voice of a possessive tattoo, and manymore.

Interviews, photographs, biographies, trivia, acting credits, and more make Beyond Mulder and Scully the fans' indispensable X-Files companion.
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